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On the main advantages of gasoline generators, you know?

Date:2016-09-24 09:06:03

On the main advantages of gasoline generators, you know? The following generator manufacturers - Long Hong Electrical and Mechanical to tell you:
Fuel-efficient: Excellent combustion efficiency produces extremely high economic efficiency.
Silence: A low-noise generator that can be used whenever and wherever you need it.
Reliable: stable automatic voltage regulation system and oil warning system, reassuring use.
Honda led the internal combustion engine technology for nearly half a century, its superb technology and rich experience embodied in each engine, to ensure that each engine in the long-term operation of stable performance, reliable and thus greatly save time-consuming maintenance.
Automatic voltage regulator
An automatic voltage regulator automatically maintains voltage stability during device loading to ensure smooth power. This Honda's unique design is particularly important for voltage sensitive equipment. This is the Honda Brush motor is superior to other generators unique, and no maintenance.
Engine oil warning system:
When the oil level is too low, the oil warning system automatically stops the engine running, so that the engine from damage.
The above content by the generator manufacturers - Foshan City, Long Hong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. finishing release, the details