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Foshan generator --- diesel generator maintenance knowledge

Date:2016-09-24 09:56:14

1, diesel generator air filter is not clean: not clean will cause increased resistance, reduce air flow, inflatable efficiency decreased, resulting in engine power shortage. Clean the diesel air cleaner core or remove dust from the paper filter as required, and replace the filter element if necessary.

2, diesel generator exhaust pipe obstruction: exhaust pipe blockage will cause exhaust is not smooth, fuel efficiency. Power down. Should check whether the exhaust pipe due to too much carbon deposition caused by the increase in resistance to exhaust guide. General exhaust backpressure should not exceed 3.3Kpa, usually should always clear the exhaust pipe of carbon deposition.

3, the diesel generator fuel supply advance angle is too large or too small: the oil advance angle is too large or too small will cause the fuel injection time too early or too late (fuel injection time is too early, the fuel combustion is not sufficient, too late Will take white smoke, fuel will burn incomplete), so that the combustion process is not in the best condition. At this point should check whether the fuel injection drive shaft clutch screw loose, if loose, you should re-adjust the fuel supply advance angle, and tighten the screws.

4, diesel generator piston and cylinder liner injury: the piston and cylinder liner serious injury or wear, as well as the piston ring caused by increased friction loss of the rubber, resulting in increased mechanical damage to the engine itself, the compression ratio decreases, the fire Difficult or incomplete combustion, inflated under the increase, serious leakage. At this time, should replace the cylinder, piston and piston rings.

5, diesel generator fuel system failure: (1) fuel filter or pipe into the air or obstruction, resulting in oil is not smooth, power shortage, and even fire difficult. The air entering the line should be removed, the diesel filter cleaned, and replaced if necessary. (2) damage caused by fuel injection spoiled parts, dead or atomized bad, this time easily lead to lack of cylinder, the engine power shortage. Should be promptly cleaned, ground or renewed. (3) fuel injection pump can cause insufficient power shortage, should be timely inspection, repair or replacement parts, and re-adjust the fuel injection pump.

6, diesel generator cooling and lubrication system failure: diesel engine overheating is due to cooling or lubrication system failure caused by this case will lead to water temperature and oil temperature is too high, prone to pull cylinder or piston ring stuck phenomenon. When the exhaust temperature of the diesel engine increases, check the cooler and radiator to remove scale.

7, diesel generator cylinder head group failure: (1) due to exhaust air caused by insufficient intake air or mixed with exhaust gas, which led to inadequate combustion of fuel, power decline. Should be repaired valve and valve seat with the surface to improve its sealing, if necessary, new ones. (2) the cylinder head and the body of the joint surface leakage will make the gas cylinder into the waterway or oil, causing the coolant into the engine body, if not in a timely manner will lead to "slippery tile" or black smoke, so that the engine Power shortage. As the cylinder pad is damaged, there will be a gas flow from the cylinder pad out of the gasket when the engine is running there will be blisters occur at this time should be tightened torque required to replace the cylinder head cap nut or gasket. (3) valve clearance is not correct will cause leakage, resulting in engine power down, or even fire difficult. The valve clearance should be readjusted. (4) Damage to the valve spring will cause the valve to return to the difficult position, the valve leaks, the gas compression ratio reduces, thus causes the engine power to be insufficient. Damaged valve springs should be replaced in time. (5) injector mounting hole leakage or copper pad damage will result in missing cylinder, the engine power shortage. Repair should be removed and the damaged parts replaced. If the water temperature is too low, will lead to increased heat loss, this time should be adjusted into the temperature to meet the required values.

8, the diesel engine connecting rod bearing and crankshaft connecting rod journal surface hair: This kind of situation will be accompanied by abnormal sound and oil pressure drop and other phenomena, this is due to blocked oil, oil pump damage, oil filter plug Dead, or oil too low or no hydraulic oil and other causes. At this point, remove the diesel engine side cover, check the big side of the connecting rod and the gap to see whether the big rod moving back and forth, if not move, that has been gnawing, should repair or replace the connecting rod bearing.

9, the diesel engine At this point, for supercharged diesel engine, in addition to the above reasons will power down, if the turbocharger bearing wear, presses and turbines into the air pipe is blocked or leakage of dirt, but also can make the diesel power decline. When the supercharger appears above, should repair or replace the bearings, cleaning intake pipe, shell, wipe clean impeller, tighten the joint surface nut and clamp and so on.

Diesel generators, such as the amount of its known power 500KW, its output power and the maximum current is how much? How to calculate, solve?

Multiplied by the power factor is the output power equal to three times the current root multiplied by the maximum current voltage is roughly estimated by 500 times 1.5

We use the generators on site to generate electricity, in the generator demand, in accordance with the output power = rated power * 80% of the calculation, this is an empirical data diesel generator set of main power is also known as continuous power or long line power, Domestic, generally with the main power to identify the diesel generating units, and in the international community is the use of standby power, also known as the maximum power to identify diesel generator sets, the market is often irresponsible manufacturers with the maximum power when For continuous power to introduce and sell units, resulting in many users in these two concepts misleading. Diesel generator sets in our country is the main power that is continuous power to nominal, the generator set to 24 hours of continuous use of the maximum power we call continuous power, and in a certain period of time, the standard is every 12 1 hour within 1 hour on the basis of continuous power overload 10%, this time the unit power is what we usually say the maximum power, that is, standby power, that is, if you buy the main 400kw If you do not overload are usually open at 400kw, in fact, the unit has been open in the overload state (because the unit has been in the overload state), because the unit, The actual rated power unit is only 360KW), which is very unfavorable to the unit will shorten the life of the unit and cause failure rate increased.

Diesel generator power is not used to identify the capacity of diesel generators from 10KW-1500KW have, you have to calculate the rated current, take 500KW generators give an example, 500KW = 500000W divided by the power of this voltage 400 (that is 380, but the general generators issued by the actual voltage is less than 400) 500000/400 = 1250A unit is the amperage (A) This is the current, but the diesel engine is not full load work, like your car, Of course, the same diesel engine, good generators and then good to 80%, 1250 * 0.8 = 1000A This is the rated current. Even if such a 500KW generator in the case of 1000A current continuous operation is also very dangerous. Domestic generators even do not even think, the diesel engine can not stand. Diesel generators to re-classification, then there is a mobile type, quiet type of unit current will decline.

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