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Four Causes of "Three Drainages" in Diesel Engine 's Engine and Seven Treatment

Date:2016-11-20 11:53:54

When the diesel generator oil leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon, will lead to increased fuel consumption of diesel generators, parts wear to accelerate, power down, and so on failure. Therefore, we must promptly repair. The following are diesel generator sets of oil spills, leaking, leakage of the causes and treatment methods:

First, the causes

(1) diesel engine parts in motion the friction between the friction and wear, and gradually make parts of the geometry and size change.

(2) due to the use of improper maintenance, such as loose screws, seals, gasket loss.

(3) parts removed properly installed. Disassembly without special tools, not according to disassembly process requirements, the parts deformation, bumps contact surface, the surface is not clean, so that the contact surface is not tight.

(4) parts aging deterioration. Such as rubber seals, water seals, etc., for a long time by oil or water corrosion, aging and deterioration.

Second. The harm

(1) oil leakage

Diesel engine lubrication system leakage oil will make the oil pan lower oil level, serious parts will not be lubricated and burned. Diesel fuel supply system leaks diesel oil, will make the oil into the air, diesel engine starting difficult, at the same time, resulting in energy waste and economic losses, pollution of land.

(2) leakage

Diesel engine cooling system leakage, not only to the water to bring trouble, serious leakage, will lead to cylinder head cracks. For water-cooled diesel engine, cylinder liner waterproof ring leakage will dilute the oil in the oil pan, so that parts to accelerate wear and tear, serious, will cause bush-burning accident.

(3) leakage

Diesel engine and cylinder liner seams leakage will burn cylinder pad, so that diesel engine starting difficulties, power down. Diesel engine air intake system leakage, will suck diesel engine cylinder into the dust, thus accelerating the cylinder, piston, piston rings, valves and other parts of the wear and tear, so that diesel engine starting difficulties, increased fuel consumption, power decline.

Third. Approach

(1) plus pad leakage law

Diesel oil pipe joint leakage leak washer, can be leak-proof washer on both sides of the plus layer of double-sided smooth thin plastic pad, tighten tightly to leak-proof.

(2) lacquer solution leakage law

Diesel tank, tank, crankcase seams and other seepage, the paint film can be soaked in alcohol, the paint film liquid smear in the clean seams to leak. But the high cost of paint films, the general situation in an emergency only to use.

(3) to oil leakage law

When the pad of the engine oil pan, the cylinder head cover, the gear chamber cover, the crankcase cover and so on is leaking, as long as the paper mat is intact and the joint surface is clean, grease can be applied on both sides of the paper pad, tighten the bolt Can leak-proof. If you use a new pad, install the new paper pad in the diesel soak for 10 minutes, then remove the wipe, wipe the interface layer of butter and then installed.

(4) liquid sealant leakage law

Solid gasket defects (such as pit concave, groove, rupture) and the formation of interfacial leakage and destructive leakage, with liquid sealant applied to the cleaning of the solid gasket with the surface, after curing can form a uniform, Stable, continuous adhesion of the peelable film washer, can prevent all leakage.

(5) anaerobic adhesive leakage law

Screws, bolts, studs, bolts, etc. on the diesel engine leak, with anaerobic adhesive applied to clean bolts, threads or screw holes, can quickly cure the formation of thin films, fill parts voids, and Can withstand greater pressure, but also has a strong shock and anti-loose fastening function. If used for diesel engine high-pressure tubing joint thread, the better the effect of governance leakage.

(6) size of the gel to rule leakage

 Dust on shaft and sleeve, bearing and bearing, valve and seat, self-tight oil seal, felt cup and packing packing, etc., can be used to restore the size of the adhesive smear in the clean parts with wear parts, After curing, the formation of a wear-resistant, heat-resistant, high mechanical strength of the film layer, and then car, boring, scraping, filing and other mechanical processing to restore parts geometry and with precision, so as to solve the leakage problem.

(7) sticky glue rule leakage method

Diesel engine on the body parts, such as fuel tanks, water tanks, tubing, water pipes and other trachoma, porosity caused by leakage, with sticky adhesive applied to clean the damaged place, you can receive the effect of governance leakage.

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