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Foshan generator - generating units operating procedures

Date:2016-09-24 09:55:25

Foshan generator - generator sets should be checked before starting fuel tank fuel quantity is sufficient, the tubing and joints without oil leakage phenomenon; cooling system water is adequate, clean, no leakage, the fan belt elasticity is appropriate. Check the internal combustion engine and generator transmission part should be connected to a reliable, good insulation of the output wire, the instrument complete and effective.

After the generator starts, low-speed operation should be 3 to 5 minutes, until the temperature and the oil pressure wheel are normal before they can begin operations. The generator should be no abnormal sound in the speed, slip ring and commutator brush contact with good, no beating and sparking phenomenon. To be stable operation, frequency, voltage reaches the rated value, before the power supply.

Engine running abnormal sound, smell, a sharp rise in water temperature and oil pressure drop, etc., should be immediately shut down to check and troubleshooting. The power factor of the generator shall not exceed the retardation (hysteresis) of 0.95. The frequency range of variation shall not exceed 0.5 Hz.

Shutdown should be cut off before the main power supply shunt switch, and gradually reduce the load, and then cut off the main power generator switch, the excitation rheostat back to the maximum resistance position, the voltage down to the minimum, and then cut off the excitation switch and neutral point Grounding switch, and finally stop the operation of the internal combustion engine.

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