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Yuchai shares YC16VC heavy after the introduction of new products are exported to Europe and America

Date:2016-09-24 09:44:38

Yuchai China Green Power Capital

March 22, coincided with the spring, Yuchai 2016 power generation power products will be the first stop in Dongguan kicked off. YC6C, YC6CN, YC6CN, YC6C and other five series of products collective debut, which debut 16VC3600-D31 to model large, high-value characteristics of color is particularly attractive to come to the guests.

YC16VC, the heavy-duty YC16VC introduced in this exhibition, is the high-performance power driven by Yuchai in nearly 6 years. Its fuel system uses electronic control unit pump, pressurized in the cold suction mode, the maximum rated power of 2400KW, suitable for 1800KW ~ 2400KW range of generating units. It also has energy saving, high reliability, small size, light weight and so on. Modular design concept makes it parts common rate of 45%, can greatly reduce maintenance costs, and speed performance, loading ability. After many years of rigorous testing and evaluation, this model is suitable for high-performance power generation market such as industry, mine and power station. It also covers high-speed marine power and markets for high-end fire pumps such as airports, railways and large buildings.

At present, Yuchai ship electrical products are popular, in addition to domestic mass production, the products have been exported to Japan, Germany, Turkey and other countries.

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