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Diesel generators generally how to clean, clean up what?

Date:2016-09-24 09:04:55

Diesel generators generally how to clean, clean up what? How to maintain diesel generator sets, in the maintenance process should pay attention to what?

1. Diesel generator set maintenance, we must first keep the generator is shut down state, so as to ensure safety, must be clean before the start of the generator battery cable removal, so as to ensure that the generator will not start their own.

2. The inside and outside of the alternator must be cleaned regularly and the frequency of cleaning varies depending on the location of the unit. Disconnect all power sources before cleaning and remove any dust, dirt, grease, water or any liquid from the exterior. The ventilation nets should also be clean. If these dusts enter the coil inadvertently, the coil will overheat or damage the insulation , So the dust and dirt is best to use vacuum cleaner siphoning off, do not use blowing or high pressure water to clean;

3. In order to avoid the resurgence of the generator set and reduce the insulation resistance, the generator must be dried.

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