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650KW Wuxi power (without moving) diesel generator-WD327TAD66

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Foshan Longhong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Mainly manufactures and sells generators, generators, diesel generators, diesel generators power 3KW-1600KW, automatic generator sets 10-1000KW, quiet generator 10-1000KW, mobile power generating units 10 -500KW, 10-600KW car-based generator sets and a variety of imported series, a special series of diesel generating units / power station. Cummins, YUCHAI, VOLVO, DAEWOO, PERKINS, DEUTZ, STEYR, Shangchai Power, Wuxi Power, Shanghai Lanzhou Electric, STAMFORD Stamford, LEROY SOMER Lilaisenma, MARATHON Marathon (Shanghai Chai), Haikai Xun (Kaipu), a towing Dongfanghong, Shandong Weichai, , ENGE British grid, such as Thailand and other generators.
 24-hour free service hotline: 400-669-1663 or 13549962688 (Manager Su)
Widely used in post and telecommunications, hotel buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining enterprises, living areas and other places on the stringent environmental noise, as a common or standby power supply.

Wuxi Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Introduction:
 Foshan Longhong non-moving diesel generator sets, the use of domestic and foreign well-known brands of Wuxi Power Co., Ltd. for the production of diesel engines, power range 121KW-1100KW, matching domestic and foreign brands generators and controllers. Voltage, frequency, power and power factor of the generator; the display of the water temperature, oil pressure, speed, battery voltage, working hours display; the generator water temperature, oil pressure, Speed, current, voltage alarm; can be manual and automatic operation; RS485 interface output to achieve remote monitoring; meet ISO8528 and GB2820 standards. Its products cost-effective, widely used in domestic and foreign diesel generating sets in the low-end market.
 Wuxi Power Engineering Co., Ltd. in June 1995 in the industry made the first batch of GB / T19001 idt ISO9001 (94 version) quality system certification, in 2009 passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality certification. In 2004 and 2007, the parts of the turbocharger have passed the certification of BVQI and Lloyd's ISO / TS16949: 2002, and in 2010, the ISO / TS16949: 2009 certificate.
Wuxi Power Engineering Co., Ltd. is China's Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association cylinder multi-cylinder diesel branch of the vice president and secretary of the unit, the company is the Chinese market research and research center as China's top 10 engine manufacturing enterprises. Company development, production of 10,000 Di brand diesel engine and complete sets of products to obtain export product quality permit, was awarded the Jiangsu famous brand and the title of Jiangsu famous brand products. The first in the industry received the State Insurance Bureau issued a non-road mobile diesel engines of the country phase Ⅱ emission standards certification type certification. Compression ignition multicylinder internal combustion engine (WD138 series) was included in the Ministry of Industry "energy-saving electrical and mechanical equipment (products) recommended directory", was awarded the machinery industry energy-saving electrical and mechanical equipment (product) certificate.

Generating set parameters:
Generators manufacturerFoshan long macro mechanical Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd
Generating set typeGF-650
Unit rated power650KW
Unit rated capacity812.5KVA
Unit rated current1170A
Unit rated voltage400V / 230V
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated speed1500rpm
Power Factor0.8 hysteresis
Fuel consumption≤198g/kW·h
Debug modeelectronic speed control
Size of unit3950×1750×2200(mm)
Unit weight5500KG
Engine parameters
Engine brandWuxi Power Engineering Co., Ltd
Engine modelWD327TAD68
Engine power724KW
Cylinder type12-cylinder L-row, 4-stroke
Bore travel138×160(mm)
Aspiration methodTurbocharged
Debug modeelectronic speed control
Rated speed1500rpm
Fuel consumption≤198g/kW·h
Cooling methodForced water cooling
Debug stability≤5%
Start modeDC24V
Generator parameters
Generator brandLong Hong / Foshan generator (optional brands: Stanford, Marathon, Inge, three waves, Lan, Deco, Thailand)
Generator modelTFW2-600-4
rated power600KW
Rated voltage400V/230V
Rated current1080A
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated speed1500rpm
Excitation modeBrushless self-excitation
Voltage adjustment range≥5%
Voltage fluctuation range≤±5%
Insulation classH
Degree of protectionIP23
Electrical performance of the unit
Stable voltage regulation≤2.5%
Transient Voltage Regulation≤(-15~+20)%
Voltage settling time≤1S
Voltage fluctuation rate≤0.5%
Steady - state frequency adjustment rate≤10%
Transient Frequency Regulation≤(-7~+10)%
Frequency recovery time≤3S
Generators standard configuration is as follows
1, industrial water-cooled diesel engine;
2, single bearing anti-drip generator, IP22 protection, insulation class H;
3, 40 ℃ ambient temperature radiator, double cooling;
4, Zhengzhou Zhongzhi control system 6110K
5, random information: generators, engines, units (manual, technical manual, three packs of manuals)
6, the standard air filter; muffler
7, steel base with shock pad;
8, outlet switch;
9, air switchgear (manual); (can provide ATS automatic switch cabinet)
10, electrical start;
11, battery; 200HA * 2
       1, the unit is the overall structure, all components are solid installed in the base of the channel above the strong.
       2, to ensure that no leakage, leakage and other undesirable phenomena.
       3, direct injection generator at an altitude of less than 1000 meters, no need to amend the power; 1000-3000 meters, 500 meters per 500 meters amended 4%, 3000-5000 meters, 500 meters per rise, amended by 6%.
       4, Overall dimensions and unit weight shall prevail in kind (the picture is the same brand product instead).
Alternative configuration:
Battery floating chargerATS automatic load conversion screen
Rain-proof unit (cabinet)Silent type unit (cabinet)
Self-protection, self-starting unit control panelWith "three remote" function unit control panel
Mobile trailer-type power station (bunker trailer)Silent type mobile power station (container trailer)
Oil, diesel, water jacket, anti-condensation heatersSplit-type daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank

1> rated power
 The unit is allowed to run for more than 1 hour at a load of 10% above this value every 12 hours under this load.
 2> Standby power
 The unit can not exceed this maximum load under varying loads. .
 3> voltage fluctuation rate
 Under the following conditions the voltage fluctuation rate is below 0.5% power factor between 0.8 to 1.0; from no-load to full load, in any stable load condition unit operation; speed change below 4.5%.
 4> frequency / speed fluctuation rate
 From no load to full load, the frequency / speed falls within the following range: ≤ 5% From 25% load to full load, the frequency / speed fluctuation is below 0.25% under any stable load condition.
 5> use of environmental conditions
Elevation: ≤ 2000m Ambient temperature: -12 ℃ xT≤40 ℃ Humidity: ≤ 60% Site tilt: ≤ 30º

Standard configuration: Zhengzhou Zhongzhi 6110K digital controller (also optional 6120K automatic start controller)
 Optional configuration: Zhengzhou Zhongzhi 6110K remote control module
 The intelligent control system is integrated with digital, intelligent and network technology. It can be used in the automation and monitoring system of a single diesel generator set. It can automatically turn on / off the generator, data measurement, alarm protection and "three remote" functions. . Controller using large-screen LCD (LCD) display, Chinese and English optional interface operation, simple operation, reliable operation.
 Performance and characteristics
 1 to the microprocessor as the core, large-screen LCD with backlight, optional English display, touch button operation;
 2 Accurate measurement and display function: real-time monitoring of electrical parameters and water temperature, oil pressure and oil level of diesel generator set and mains power;
 3 control and protection functions: diesel generators to achieve automatic start / stop, load switching and alarm protection;
 4 parameter setting function: allows the user to change the parameters of its settings, while memory in the internal FLASH memory, the system will not be lost when the power-down;
 5 a variety of temperature, pressure, oil level sensor can be used directly, and custom parameters;
 6 with real-time calendar, clock and run time accumulation function;
 7 Cumulative output power of the generating set is displayed;
 8 a variety of start-up success conditions to choose from;
 9 built-in speed / frequency detection links, can accurately determine the success of starting, rated running, speeding state;
 10 Wide power supply range (8-35) VDC, can adapt to different starting battery voltage environment;
 11 All parameters are digitally adjusted to abandon the conventional analog potentiometer adjustment methods to improve the reliability and stability of the machine;
 12 modular structure design, pluggable terminal blocks, embedded installation, compact structure, easy installation.
13HGM6310RM Remote module and local module communication connection. Control and operation of the same. (Remote module installation customers to install their own installation)

1, check every day before starting.
 2, the engine crankcase oil consumption.
 3, the cooling liquid level: radiator and intercooler core without blocking the phenomenon of electricity.
 4, whether the air filter is blocked.
 5, check every 50 hours.
 6, the battery and the surface: to exclude leakage, leakage of fuel, drain oil phenomenon.
 7, every 250-300 hours: replace the engine oil, replace the oil filter and bypass the oil filter, replace the fuel filter, when necessary, discharge fuel tank oil, tension triangle tape.
 8, check the radiator and air-cooled intercooler core power is blocked, whether the need to clean, check the air pipe and hose connector should be no bad parts and new tightening clamp, check by the oil into the machine oil Should be no leakage.
9, every 1200 hours, please check and adjust the professional valve clearance, check the adjustment before the engine stop and cold state, every 2400 hours, please professional dismantling and inspection to adjust the injector, check by the professional supercharger And the engine and generator parts for routine inspection, every 6 months, replace the coolant filter, each year, cleaning cooler, replace the coolant.

△ provide new machine inspection and debugging services (free of charge within the province)
 △ provide general operation and daily use and maintenance on-site training services (free of charge within the province)
 △ to provide engine room design and unit installation and construction services, (according to the customer installation requirements of the unit)
△ provide noise and emission control engineering services. (To meet the requirements of environmental protection departments, need to sign another project contract)


After the unit load test, dynamic testing and a variety of protection and alarm performance testing, in line with GB2820-90 standard requirements, the unit warranty period: one year or 1000 hours (whichever comes first), see the manufacturer random warranty card .
 1, Warranty Services: All machinery manufacturing defects caused by mechanical failure are three packs of services.
 2, three bags of service period: 12 months of product manufactured; product debugging year; the actual cumulative use of 1000 hours, subject to the first expiration date. Three Guarantees period, I will be the Secretary for the user to track paid services for life.
 3, man-made damage to the improper operation is not free three packs period.
 Solemnly declare:
 Solemn promise: the company sold the generating units for the new generating units, if a renovation of the compensation is 10
 Overall size and weight of the unit to prevail in kind (picture for the same brand products instead)
 A The data in the table are for reference only;
 B The original manufacturer or the company need to change the above information without prior notice.
 C. Above specification unit are 50HZ, 1500r / min, 400V, power factor of 0.8, three-phase four-wire system; For 60HZ or other requirements, please consult with the company to provide additional parameters;
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